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Required Documents

The following items are required to be submitted with your initial application:

1)Family income documented over 12 months (submit all that apply)

a.Last year’s tax return (first page)
Pay stub with year-to-date listed or written statement from employer will be accepted if tax return is not available.
b.TANF/child care reimbursement/food stamps
c.Social Security/SSI statement
d.Unemployment statement
e.Child support/alimony/pension statement

2)Birth Certificate or other proof of age (submit one of the following)

a.Birth certificate (preferred)
c.Hospital record
d.Baptismal record

3)Proof of Residency (submit one of the following)

a.Driver’s license with correct address (preferred)
b.Utility bill
c.Tax bill
d.Rent receipt
e.Written letter from shelter, if between homes

The following items are required for final enrollment, but are not required at the time of initial application:

1)Recent health appraisal, physical, or well child visit within past year
2)Medicaid or insurance card for child
3)Current immunization record

Who is eligible?
    Our Program eligibility is primarily based on income. Over-income families may be eligible , but may need to pay a fee based on a sliding scale.  Please be aware that age requirements also apply. We have 2 years & 6 months, 3 and 4 years old classrooms under different grants/scholarship opportunities. Each Program have an individual set of requirements.